Berry Isles

The Story So Far

The story so far …

The intrepid trackers, looking for answers about what happened at Infinity Lake – Dhruuff’s historical home base – went to Windrose Isle to seek permission to access the libraries found there. Recuited at the Osprey’s Nest by captain Nikkos Owlpine, son of a prominent Collector and member of the local Chamber of Commerce, Evan Owlpine, they accompanied him aboard his ship the Osprey to a peripheral trading post at Perriwinkle Cay which had received/recovered some “cargo of interest” off a passing pirate ship.

Amongst the cargo, a map. To treasure! Nikkos sent the adventurers off to recover the treasure only to discover that it had been long since uncovered and claimed. Frustrated and beat up they returned to the trading post to find that the Post recovered a new piece of flotsam: Zidane Oakenblood.

Zidane is an Island Dwarf, castaway when he and his mentor, Herel Granitespine, were attacked at sea by some nightly horrors. They were on their way to try to recover an artifact – a crystal skull – that would help seal a forgotten rift to one of Orcus’ corners of the Shadowfell. Logs recovered from the pirate ship indicate that there was a bounty on the booty that Zidane had on his person when he was found – a calendar disc and dragon tooth – which appear to be keys to a vault.

With the Autumn Solstice soon approaching Nikkos figures that there is little time to waste and offers to help Zidane, asking for certain “considerations” with regards to the skull. For Dhruuff and Althea, these skulls have a connection to mysteries of the Past that they want answered. Dhruuff’s reincarnation was facilitated by a skull that Althea’s family and a mysterious society had a hand in delivering (and subsequently secreting away again).

It took many days to reach a destination which could only be found by navigating the stars – Split Skull Island. They reach the island in the early evening. The seas are calm, the sun is low, the sky is clear and yet they are able to reach no closer than a mile because surrounding the isle is the Shark Jaw Reef. And on the southern horizon a ship is spied.


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