The Berry Isles

The Berry Isles are renowned as a coastal safehaven. They are a set of islands in the Brina Archipelago (AKA the Dragon’s Wing Archipelago) located off the main continent in the midst of coastal trade routes.

Benefitting from diverse visitors, it has become a rich store of learning. Libraries of various types have been swelled by scholars, mariners, patrons and adventurers (and many a wreck has offered up its treasures to their shores as well).

Most towns have a local Chamber of Commerce which manage commercial affairs and offer patronage. Many famous adventurers claim the Isles as their hometown, who return the boon of their patrons many times over.

The Berry Isles derive their name from the distinctive coloring of their rock and the abundance of the various fruit to be found there. For instance, the blue veins that run through some of them lend the nickname to a set of isles as The Blueberries.

Although Humans are the predominant race here, Elves, Dragonborn and Halflings and Eladrin can be found here as well.

The Berry Isles

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